Project Aware

Thanks to Lynnette Seigley of Iowa DNR for coming to the Marble Rock City Council meeting to talk about Project Aware. (An audio recording is here.)

Citizens are welcome to participate for a few hours or the entire week. People who like to canoe or kayak can join the group that will spend the week paddling and picking up trash. Or you can help with handling the trash on land, at sites that will include Powerhouse Park in Marble Rock and Fisher Bridge upstream. You can also plan to offer refreshments on June 16th when they arrive in Marble Rock.

Lynnette invited us to contribute ideas for this event. You can reach her at 319-335-1598.

Project AWARE 2008

The DNR is sponsoring Project AWARE again this year.  The river trip from Mason City to Cedar Falls will start on June 14 and end June 21. A map of this year’s trip is here.  Volunteers will spend one night at the famed Winnebago Scout Camp near Marble Rock.

AWARE is an acronym for A Watershed Awareness River Expedition.  Volunteers spend a week, or as much time as they can contribute, cleaning up an Iowa River.  A description is here.


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eagles-nest-email-size.jpgThe first nesting pair of eagles came to Marble Rock, north of the bridge, in the spring of 2006. They raised two young birds. This photo was taken looking toward the river. The nest is approximately 5 feet deep and built near the top of a tall tree near the water’s edge.

This year, another pair is building a nest in the City Park.